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Jacket Notes

God broke me at the age of 30. Has it happened to you yet? That place in life where you felt you had nothing left to live for? A year and a half ago, death was a more rational choice for me than life, because that for which I lived was no more. The only other option was to find new reason for living and to reconstruct the meaning of my existence.
I didn't want my comfortable bubble burst; I was content in my mediocrity. But God had bigger plans for me. As I sought for meaning in senselessness, God led me to a wonderful Christian brother, Zac Poonen. Assisted by his teaching, God gave me faith to believe that He had planned my life and was in control. I saw that God is most glorified when I trust His goodness even when my circumstances don't appear good.
As I cried out for wisdom and strength on a daily basis, God gave me the miracle I asked for: Joy. Because God spared my life trom death, I asked Him what He wanted with me. My agenda hadn't worked out; so, I sought His. I remembered that God had given me a talent called music, and in this CD I am offering it, along with my tears, back to Him. My prayer is that it will bless and encourage you as you take up your cross and buy the pearl of great price.

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