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Tirzah Joy: My Meditation
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Sometime last spring I had the idea to set chapters of the Bible verbatim to music. It started out as a project to get Scripture into the hearts of my boys, as they liked me to sing but not recite when I rocked them. I worked at it when I could and it was such a blessing to me to have these words and melodies replaying in my head throughout the day.

Since I am at home I have had more time to write and record - my favorite exploit. I received feedback last Christmas that some people did not realize the CD was me, as I used the pseudonym Tirzah Joy (Tears of Joy) so this year I am including a note of explanation. I used the Authorized King James Bible that was given to me by my Herr Grandparents on the occasion of my first Christmas in 1972. I don't know if I will ever reach my original goal of "translating" the whole New Testament, especially since I was taken up with the beautiful psalms. But, I hope you will enjoy this excerpt and that the Word of God will bring peace, hope, and joy to your spirit.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize two people who have watered my growth so much: Erin Thiele of and Zac Poonen of May God richly reward you. Above all, I want to openly thank the LORD for His unsurpassed kindness and graciousness toward me To adapt the words of the apostle Paul (Romans 5:20), "Where pain increased, joy increased all the more." I wish for each one of you this same incredible experience.

-Gwendolyn Good

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