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The Horst Family: The Gift of His Love
Free Music DownloadsThe Horst FamilyThe Gift of His Love

The Horst Family: The Gift of His LoveFilled with the cheer of the Christmas season, the Horst Family presents a spirited collection of favorite Christmas songs.

It is our desire that you may be encouraged and inspired to worship our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. May you be filled with His joy and peace as we celebrate the Gift of His love this Christmas season as we remember when Jesus came to earth to be a perfect sacrifice for our sins; a sacrifice that makes us clean from sin when we believe on Him and profess Him as King in every area of our lives.

Also available as a CD on Amazon and on music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Duet: Joel and Nathan
PlayDownload 3:09 192 kbps 4.54 Mb
  Joy to the World
PlayDownload 1:20 192 kbps 1.93 Mb
  Star of the East
PlayDownload 2:50 192 kbps 4.08 Mb
  Who is He in Yonder Stall?
PlayDownload 1:55 192 kbps 2.77 Mb
  Silent Night
Quartet: Nathan, Kara, Daniel, Melody; Descant: Melody
PlayDownload 3:00 192 kbps 4.33 Mb
  Christ is Born in Bethlehem (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)
PlayDownload 3:43 192 kbps 5.37 Mb
  Glory Be to God
PlayDownload 2:55 192 kbps 4.21 Mb
  Away in a Manger
Quartet: Cathy, Joel, Nathan, Melody
PlayDownload 2:03 192 kbps 2.97 Mb
  O Holy Night
PlayDownload 4:26 192 kbps 6.39 Mb
  We Wish You a Merry Christmas
PlayDownload 0:31 192 kbps 0.75 Mb
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Free Music DownloadsThe Horst FamilyThe Gift of His Love
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